The Climate Institute seeks partnerships with startup initiatives and emerging technology development efforts that transform renewable energy systems. We welcome initiatives and demonstration projects to help advance meaningful climate solutions. The Climate Institute supports our colleagues and partners working on emerging technologies by providing research assistance, intern support, funding and feasibility studies and partnership building. If you would like more information on this area, reach out to Nasir Khattak at: read more about our Emerging Technology projects.

Electric Vehicles/Battery Storage


Microtron’s breakthrough battery technology has the potential to make the electric car the standard in automotive transportation, rather than the exception. The company’s ESD (Energy Storage Device) utilizes a combination of ultracapacitors and modified lithium-ion batteries coordinated through a microchip processor to charge or discharge its entire storage capacity rapidly or gradually as needed. Microtron has converted rickshaws, motorcycles, and full-size sedans to accommodate and utilize its ESD and is now looking to create conversion kits that fit buses and golf carts as well. The proliferation of Microtron’s technologies will greatly reduce air and noise pollution in large cities, make transportation more affordable, and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

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Renewable Energy

Oceana Energy Company

Tidal power has yet to be harnessed on a large scale, but has the potential to replace fossil fuels as a primary energy source in major energy markets. The Climate Institute recognizes that Oceana Energy Company has developed a game-changing device, poised to provide non-intrusive, predictable, and carbon neutral power to some of the world’s largest cities.


The Climate Institute research team has helped support business development materials for Oceana, including drawing attention to the hydrokinetic turbines. Several founding board members of the Climate Institute were instrumental in establishing Oceana. Climate Institute supports the proliferation of this technology in order to provide another option for countries to expand their renewable energy portfolio. Oceana’s devices have the potential to generate cost effective power that speed the transition away from fossil fuels.


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