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Clean and Secure Grid Initiative

The Climate Institute in conducting studies for and promoting the creation of an HVDC grid overlay over the lower 48 states in order to transmit energy more efficiently and to enable a much greater penetration of renewable power into the market.

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Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative

This Initiative was founded in 2000 to support those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change: Small Island Developing States. Our consortium of international NGOs and multilateral institutions now works with nine island states across the world on diverse projects.

GSEII sees opportunity on these islands, now threatened by rising sea levels, coastal erosion, salinization, and extreme weather events. GSEII’s work to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency facilitates the transition away from fossil fuels and benefits the islands’ economies and the environment.

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Innovative Solutions Initiative

The Climate Institute promotes both startup companies that invent transformative renewable energy technologies and creative ideas that facilitate widespread energy efficiency and climate change adaption. We actively support the following firms and initiatives that implement meaningful climate solutions.

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Climate Education

The Climate Institute’s Tickell network aims to educate people in diverse regions of the world about climate change in a simple and accessible way. The Climate Institute has build numerous climate theaters, a nature museum, and the world’s highest climate observatory.

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Center for Environmental Leadership Training (CELT)

CELT, an educational arm of the Climate Institute, is based in Hanover, and New Hampshire, works in close collaboration with students, faculty and alumni at Dartmouth College, Vermont Law School, secondary schools in the Upper Valley Region of Northern New England and recently other universities from around the world. Its primary mission is to empower those most affected by climate change and environmental stress to become problem solvers, developing solutions to climate and environmental challenges and disseminate these through multiple means to visitors to climate.org and the Tickell Network.

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