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CELT, an educational arm of the Climate Institute, is based in Hanover, New Hampshire, and is working in close collaboration with students, faculty and alumni at Dartmouth College, Vermont Law School, secondary schools in the Upper Valley Region of Northern New England and recently other universities from around the world.

HanoverCELT’s primary mission is to empower those most affected by climate change and environmental stress to become problem solvers, developing solutions to climate and environmental challenges and disseminate these through multiple means to visitors to climate.org and the Tickell Network. The greatest focus is ages 15 to 29 from Northern New England schools, participants in the Tickell Interactive Climate Theatre Network in Mexico and elsewhere, and from indigenous communities in the US, Canada and Greenland.

CELT projects are focused on developing solutions for climate and environmental challenges faced by future generations and by doing so we hope to link environmental problem solvers with organizations and individuals from around the world.



  1. Providing educational games on Climate Change, Public Health and Energy Solutions in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic. We are continuing to gather games in these and other languages on our site.
  2. Maintaining our interactive multimedia Climate Alert Blog and video site. The blog includes recent climatic events and an array of problem solving tools, enabling online users to design and implement win-win solutions to energy and climate challenges.
  3. Developing climate problem solving games for the use on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Our current game is tentatively titled Saving the Arctic focused on slowing Arctic melting by reducing emissions and deposits of soot and tropospheric ozone forming compounds.
  4. Working in collaboration with the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group and other  tribal climate  protection leaders to advance Tribal Sustainability Partnership initiatives, advancing clean energy and innovative climate adaptation for tribal communities.
  5. CELT members are collaborating with Arctic Fellows in the launch of the Arctic Climate Action Registry (ACAR) website and are currently working to have the site translated in various languages.

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CELT Coordinators and Advisors

Current and Former CELT Interns and Fellows


Robert Bartles of Meriden, NH, Member of Dartmouth Class of 1964, Trustee of Kimball Union Academy, member of Board of Advisors of Climate Institute, and successful entrepreneur in publications wholesaling

Loren McGean of Meriden, NH, Member of Dartmouth Class of 1992, poet and writer who also served as coach of Dartmouth figure skating team when it won five consecutive national collegiate championships

John C. Topping, Jr. of Hanover, NH, Member of Dartmouth Class of 1964, Co-Founder and President of the Climate Institute since 1986, winner in 2002 of Dartmouth’s first Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Social Justice Award for Lifetime Achievement and recipient in 2008 from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of a Certificate of Recognition “for Contributing to the Award of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 to the IPCC”


Robert Bartles (chair), Loren McGean, and John Topping, CELT Co-Founders

Thomas Spangenberg of Castleton, VT, a Member of the Dartmouth Class of 1964, and Professor of Marketing at Castleton State College in Vermont

Thomas Lord of Meriden NH, Member of the Dartmouth Class of 1974, an environmental attorney and a member of the chemistry faculty at Kimball Union Academy

Dr Daniel Wildcat of Lawrence, Kansas, Professor at Haskell Indian Nations University and Convener, American Indian Alaska Native Climate Change Working Group

Charles Bayless of Gilford, NH, and retired President of West Virginia Institute of Technology and Former CEO of both Illinois Power and Tucson Electric

Luis Roberto Acosta of Mexico City, Director, Mexico and Latin America Programs, Climate Institute, and driving force behind the Tickell Interactive Network

Marissa Knodel of Lebanon, NH, a member of Dartmouth’s Class of 2009, who served as Sustainability Program coordinator at Dartmouth and subsequently earned degrees at Vermont Law School and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies before beginning work at Friends of the Earth on Arctic protection.

Matt Cloyd of Hanover, NH, a member of Dartmouth Class of 2011 with a major in geography with work in visual arts and a co-founder and director of Dartmouth’s Sustainable Living Center.

Alixanna Norris, Ph.D, of Hanover, NH, Senior Health Advisor to CELT

Mark A. Roseman of Hollywood, FL, member of the Dartmouth Class of 1964, and elder law attorney in Fort Lauderdale/Miami area

Weyman Lundquist of Hanover, NH, member of the Dartmouth Class of 1952,and instrumental in the founding of Dartmouth’s Institute of Arctic Studies

Lee Chilcote, an attorney from Cleveland Heights, Ohio experienced in real estate and environmental law matters and a member of the Dartmouth College Class of 1964.

Ethan Forauer of Hanover, NH, member of Clark University Class of 2015, and who served as CELT Program Coordinator in 2014 and 2015 and as a member of the Arctic Game Team.