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Estimating the Macroeconomic Benefits of Renewable Energy Investments in Small Island Developing States

Islands paper.jpgRenewable energy investments have the potential to displace  fuel imports in small island developing states that continually deplete foreign currency reserves and adversely affect macroeconomic performance through impacts on net exports.
Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States | September 2014


Prospects for Future Climate Change and the Reasons for Early Action

There are three parts to the supplementary material, each prepared to be a stand-alone summary of the particular topic. The three topical areas are:                                                                                               A. Early Identification of the Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Climate                                                               B. The History and Structure of Climate Change Assessments                                                                     C. An Overview of Approaches to Geoengineering as a Potential Hedging Strategy 
Michael C. MacCracken | June 2008