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Board Members


Chairman-H.E. Heherson Alvarez
Manila, The Philippines
Climate Change Commissioner
Former Chair, Senate Environment Committee
Former Secretary of the Environment


Dr. Sharad Adhikary
Kathmandu, Nepal
Director, Himalayan Climate Centre


Professor David Attard
Valetta, Malta
International Law Lecturer
Director, International Maritime Law Institute


Roger Ballentine
Washington, DC
President, Green Strategies, Inc.


Dr. Michael C. Barth
Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
Distinguished Consultant, ICF Consulting


Dr. Andre Berger
G. Lemaitre Lovain-LaNeuve, Belgium
Director, Inst. d’Astronomie et Geophys


Hans Bjerregaard
Copenhagen, Denmark
President ,Bjerregaard Consultants
Former Chair, Forum for Energy and Development


Dr. Roger Blakeley
Porirua, New Zealand


Chief Executive, Porirua
Former Secretary for the Environment of New Zealand


Michael F. Brewer, Esq.
Washington, D.C., USA
President, Brewer Consulting President, Drug Innovation and Design, Inc.


Dr. Jim Bruce
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Senior Associate, Global Change Strategies International


Lt. Col. Christine Debrah (Rtd.)
Accra, Ghana
Former Executive Director, Environmental Protection Agency


Sen. Mohamed el-Kassas
Cairo, Egypt
Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Science, Cairo University


John Englander

Washington, DC

CEO, International SeaKeepers Society


Prof. Daniel Esty
New Haven, Connecticut,USA
Yale University


Dr. Tibor Faragó
Budapest, Hungary
Focal Point, GEF


Christiana Figueres
Washington Grove, Maryland Independent Consultant
Winner, 2001 Hero of the Planet Award of National Geographic


Dr. David Fisk
London, United Kingdom
Professor, Imperial College


Dr. Georgi Golitsyn
Moscow, Russia
Academician, Institute for Atmospheric Physics


Dr. Gordon T. Goodman
United Kingdom
Chairman Emeritus, Stockholm Environment Institute


Professor Orman Granger
Berkeley, U.S.A.
Department of Geography, University of California


Mr. Nelson Hay
Venice, Florida, USA
Retired President, International Gas Center


Renee Karottki
Brussels, Belgium EU Energy Initiative


Professor Gunnar Kullenberg
Tal Qroga, Malta
Senior Executive Director, International Oceans Institute


Willie L. Leftwich, Esq.
Washington, D.C., USA
Attorney, Investor and Pottery Maker


Mr. Amory Lovins
Snowmass, Colorado, USA
Chairman & Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute


Dr. Antonio Rocha Magalhaes
Brasilia, Brazil
Principal Country Officer for Brazil, World Bank


Dr. James McCulloch
Ontario, Canada
Retired Director General, Canadian Climate Centre


Dr. Nobuo Mimura
Hitachi, Japan
Professor, Center for Water Environment Studies, Ibaraki University


Dr. Norman Myers
Oxford, United Kingdom
Winner, Blue Planet Prize, 2001 Author, Environmental Exodus: An Emergent Crisis in the Global Arena


Diana Ponce Nava
Mexico City, Mexico
Former Director of Air Quality, Mexico City


Professor Richard Odingo
Nairobi, Kenya

Vice Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Department of Geography, University of Nairobi


Dr. R. K. Pachauri
New Delhi, India
Director, The Energy and Resources Institute
Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Dr. Graeme Pearman
Victoria, Australia
Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO


Courtland Perkins
Chairman Emeritus
Retired President, US National Academy of Engineering


Dr. A. Barrie Pittock
Victoria, Australia
Author and Former Director, Climate Impact Group, CSIRO


Dr. Ata Qureshi
Arlington, Virginia,USA
Forestry and Environmental Consultant Editor, Climate Change in Asia


Dr. Arcot Ramachandran
Bangalore, India
Chair, Governing Council ,TERI
Former Under Secretary General, United Nations


Annie Roncerel
Geneva, Switzerland
Senior Programme Coordinator, Climate Change Programme, UNITAR


Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig
New York, USA
Senior Scientist, GISS


Professor Ye Ruqiu
Beijing, China
Coordinator, Chinese Climate Impact Assessment, 1990


Dr. Maciej Sadowski
Warsaw, Poland
Director, Climate Change
Country Studies Program, Institute of Environment Protection


Dr. Eneas Salati
Manaus, Brazil
President, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia, Manaus-AM


Professor Suresh K. Sinha
New Delhi, India
Senior Scientist
Water Technology Centre, Indian Agricultural Research Institute


Mme. Miet Smet
Brussels, Belgium
Minister of State and Member, the Flemish Parliament
Former Minister of Environment of Belgium


The Rt. Hon. Sir Ninian Stephen
Victoria, Australia
Former Special Ambassador for the Environment


Deborah Stirling

Boulder, CO

President, Stirling Strategic Services


Ir. Aca Sugandhy
Jakarta, Indonesia
Former Deputy Minister of Population & Environment


Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
Chennai, India
Chairman, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation


Dwight Wilson
San Francisco, California, USA
CEO, One Roof