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Tackling Arctic Climate Change Head-On

The Arctic Climate Action Registry (ACAR) is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to stabilizing climate change in the Arctic region through voluntary action. Through ACAR, innovative companies and organizations, proactive government agencies, concerned students and consumers can now collaborate on efforts to slow and ultimately reverse the loss of Arctic sea ice, and prevent catastrophic changes in the region and around the globe.

Two Ways to Collaborate

Earn Offset Credits
Help Save the Arctic through the ACPN

Stabilizing Arctic climate in the near-term is essential if we are to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2° Celsius, the threshold established by international scientists to protect the planet.

Fortunately, there are many ways to tackle Arctic warming, most using off-the-shelf technologies and know-how. Some of these efforts involve reducing greenhouse gases and other short-lived emissions that contribute to global and regional warming, while other efforts are aimed at supporting the Arctic region’s natural mechanisms for staying cool.

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ACAR is a project of the Climate Institute, in partnership with the American Carbon Registry, a leading carbon offset standard and registry, and SCS Global Services, an internationally recognized third-party certifier and life cycle assessment practitioner, and initiator of the ACAR concept.

Polar bear

NASA video showing Arctic summer sea ice melt in 2012
NASA time-lapsed video shows record melting of Arctic summer sea ice in 2012.


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